People need to be heard – we all want to know that our stories matter to each other, that we matter. Welcome to Stories Project – with this new broadcast we’ll do just that – giving a voice to our histories, our imaginations, fantasies, and a venue for other people to do the same.

We’re all essentially storytellers; like pilgrims on a mystical sojourn we’re always on the look out for access to our own personal truth residing in our heart of hearts. And sharing where we find ourselves in this moment is focus of 1 Minutes stories. Here we own our truth and our myths. We share the desire to be held in a safe space to share our story. We’ll be Broadcasting live from ATX. We’ll bring the real – and we want you to listen and join us – wherever it goes, we’ll follow. Stay tuned for more info. I’m Sissy Siero your host for Stories Project.