Episode 4: RESET
I’m Sissy Siero and I’m glad to welcome you to Episode 4–RESET. We’ll listen to stories of situations perhaps not unlike your own; a collage of lives, circumstances and businesses RESET during the global pandemic and social upheaval.

The question of why and how did-we-get here, morphed into the BIG RESET—we’re deep in it now. Hard to miss the headlines, by-lines, blog posts, songs, multi-media projects, and team meetings- all focusing on defining the indefinable new, global reality. The Alchemy of RESET is the juice, the propellent. Permission to shape-shift, conjure and re-imagine our lives, our beliefs – from the deeply personal and private to society’s consciousness. It moves us forward, even while disequilibrium shifts perceptions, at each step; cajoles us not to grasp for the familiar; to reach instead for affinity, and unity.
Reset: an essential invitation we can’t refuse – because we’re already there.
In this episode along with contributors’ stories, I’ll introduce you to Leigh Hurst for a conversation about her resets. Leigh is the founder and executive director of the Feel Your Boobies Foundation, has a book coming out in the fall entitled “Say Something Big: Feel your Boobies. Find Your Voice.” She’s also a Relationship manager at TrainingPros, Inc. and, most importantly, mother of 2 young boys!

A tech note – you’ll hear some different audio in parts, and that’s due to the nature of live, on site recording, and stories sent in from different contributors.
I’ll let you know how to get your stories to me at the end of the show.
Let’s get into Episode 4: “Reset”.
Leigh Hurst – Welcome to the episode!
We’ll be right back with more of my conversation with Leigh Hurst after this…
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And now back to my interview with Leigh Hurst

Leigh Hurst – thanks for bringing your stories and insights to the episode! It was truly great having you with me!

Leigh’s passion carries the power of her focus & intention. Her story of resetting her life during Covid, with the courage to go further into self-acceptance; to claim time, space and focus to serve the needs of the moment- the wellbeing and a new understanding of the most important people in her life – her kids. Her life’s profound reset to turn a battle with cancer, into a conscious choice to transform a simple Tshirt message into a foundation with a life-saving mission.

The Now a story from a writer and entrepreneur on the East Coast: The story is read by University of Texas Student Mason Marriott-Vos:

“With each article I read, every person I speak with, the value and breadth of a RESET went flying off in a new trajectory. We’re all thinking about,and trying to plan for Resetting systems and processes; for what could be next- for sure, but I’m equally interested in how my thought process has changed. How my inner conversation has taken on a new tenor. This could be the opening I’ve, privately, been desiring for a long time. My business, and the economy – well, it’s more than a bit of a guessing game, but I’ve been working on models to help predict where my sales will go – based on a year of no vaccine. Personally, and for society as a whole, the objective is to establish a new equilibrium. How do I fit into that? The brave new consciousness among political, economic, social, and environmental systems have to FIT together; more urgently now than ever. Can we move past insular, macro and micro economies, towards common goals? Can this shake-up coalesce in a collective universal momentum to aggressively address Climate change? Can Reset create new industries, processes, and economies? Ultimately, the only limit is imagination, and the will to make a new way forward. “
Here’s conversation between two partners and one of their sons, about their collective and individual resets- ones of love, protection, and family sheltering together in Austin TX.
David, a writer, reflects on the gift of Precious moments, and unforgettable connections – as the 3 find balance, and comradery in the simple things.
Noah, David’s son, and 2nd year law student, from NY, arrives for spring break and shelters in place with David and partner Joe; “time out of place” frames new perspectives on his life.
Joe, an attorney, connects the dots of the 3 lives as they form a new family unit around the unexpected, extended stay of David’s beloved son.
I join the guys for an early evening chat – from a safe distance of course, in their Clarksville home….
Our conversation wraps up on a joyful note- with so many reasons to be grateful in spite of, or perhaps because of the pandemic.
Bonds deepen, simple pleasures and love and appreciation; precious moments take on a life of their own; David, Joe and Noah…discovered a happy RESET.

I wish to thank my listeners, and story tellers. I hope this episode inspires you to become a contributor on this podcast. Send your voice, your story because it matters, and you need to be heard.
This episode’s theme has been a steady companion compelling me to explore the Alchemy of RESET; that alchemy transmutes, and strips away the usual, the ritual, the dependable structures that no longer fit or define; a tangible “grow or no go” process. Perfect in it’s imperfection this moment leading to whatever is next.

Please join me for the next Episode when we explore stories about what’s “Essential.”
Speak to you soon!