Re-Story Podcast Series
Love in the Time of COVID-19
We could all use a little human connection right now. For at least 6 episodes join host Sissy Siero, for humorous, poignant, honest glimpse into life, love, loss and restoration during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have a burning desire to rant, a story to share, advice to give, join the chorus of thousands of your friends, neighbors, total strangers, and colleagues, because this podcast is about you! Join our community and add your voice, your story to the expanding collage.

Episode 5: What’s Essential
Welcome to 5 “What’s Essential. I’m Sissy Siero your curator, your host for an audio story- wheel that’s stopping for a brief moment to check in with how we’re doing. We’ll hear stories about shifting priorities to find the what’s essential right now. Doing, having, perhaps being less, but better; a different gauge of time and energy spent. Also balancing personal relationships and purpose – not just how we work, where ...

Episode 4: RESET
I’m Sissy Siero and I’m glad to welcome you to Episode 4–RESET. We’ll listen to stories of situations perhaps not unlike your own; a collage of lives, circumstances and businesses RESET during the global pandemic and social upheaval.

The question of why and how did-we-get here, morphed into the BIG RESET—we’re deep in it now. Hard to miss the headlines, by-lines, blog posts, songs, multi-media projects, and team meetings- all focusing on ...

Episode 3: Sheltering in Grace
Welcome to Episode #3 – Sheltering in Grace
I’m your host, Sissy Siero. My guest for this episode is the multi-talented and truly wonderful Tasia Valenza, Emmy award winning Voiceover actor, Creator of Give Great Voice, recent TedX presenter, and mother of 3!
This show’s topic is near and dear to my heart and am excited to have Tasia to join me in this conversation to find how grace presents ...

Episode 2: The Wedding
I’m Sissy Siero, your guide, your host, your virtual wedding coordinator – sharing an insider’s view of a socially-distanced blessed event – A wedding… right in our neighborhood; across the street no less.
How a clan of neighbors who, only 6 weeks earlier, went from waving to each other when we got into our cars, to a tightly nit group of new-found friends; banding together to make the best possible wedding, ...

Episode 1: Virtual Neighborhood
Welcome to “ Love in the time of COVID-19 ” –
you’ll join host, Sissy Siero- a distracted creative who is finally getting it together- and a chorus friends, family, neighbors, strangers, and colleagues; sharing poignant, honest, humorous, and sometimes, harrowing accounts of life, loss, love and restoration during the pandemic.
The podcast series’ mission is to create a welcoming space for a new community – one we never knew we ...